Minecraft updated to version 1.20.10 on Switch, here’s what’s included

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If you’re still enjoying Minecraft on Nintendo Switch regularly, then you’ll want to know a new update has been released that, following the pretty cool Trails & Tales update back in June, added content like camels, pants, and more. new biome. and more.

There are definitely some cool additions in this latest build – including the ability to now sneak into gaps under 1.5 blocks, shovels no longer needed to build boats, updates addressing over 50 issues reported by the community and various fixes addressing graphical accessibility etc.

Here’s the summary, courtesy of the official Minecraft website:

Minecraft version 1.20.10 (July 11, 2023)

parity vanilla

Short Stealth

  • Player hitbox height is now reduced to 1.5 blocks when sneaking
    • Sneak will automatically be started when stuck in a space less than 1.8 blocks
    • Stealth will lower the player’s camera height in response to these changes
    • Sneaking now needs enough space to stand to get rid of stealth
    • Players will switch from swimming to sneaking if they can’t get up but can sneak
  • Players can no longer sneak while riding
  • Players will no longer suffocate when sneaking in certain situations
  • Players will no longer suffocate while riding camels in the gap of 2 blocks
  • Players will no longer be lightly pushed on short sneak attacks due to being pushed by a block
  • Fixed many interactions where the action was forced to sneak like holding the stealth button

Other changes

  • Items dropped by storage entities are now centered inside the nearest block
  • Shovel has been removed from Boat recipe
  • The crate recipe has been modified to use Boards instead of Sticks
  • The Cobweb to String recipe has been removed
  • Fixed a bug where Zombie Villager didn’t drop the given item after healing

Experimental features


  • Added post-conversion data collection capabilities Sneak test and short crawl
  • New player crawl animation created
  • Players will now start crawling when within a distance of 1 block, similar to sneaking
  • Cows have the same speed as stealth
  • Players will automatically stand up or start sneaking if they leave a distance of 1 block
  • Players will start swimming if they enter the water while crawling or vice versa
  • Players’ models are now centered around their hitbox while swimming
  • Players will now always spawn bullets from the camera position when sneaking, swimming or surfing
  • Players will now spawn particle effects when eating in the right spot if they’re sneaking, swimming, or surfing
  • Loyalty Tridents will always return to the player’s camera
  • Players will no longer be trapped inside Cauldrons or Composers when getting inside using Trapdoor
  • The paper doll will now display properly when crawling
  • Fixed an issue where sliding or swimming could sometimes cause players to incorrect bounding boxes

Unlock the recipe

  • Recipe Unlocked – now in Bedrock!
    • Added recipe unlocking as an experiment
    • Collect materials to unlock related recipes
    • A notification will let you know when you find new crafting materials
    • Picking up an item will teach you how to craft that item. Great when a friend gives you a tool you’ve never made before
    • We’d love to know what you think about this feature, so please send us your feedback at aka.ms/MCRecipeUnlocks

Repair and change


  • Fixed the «Communication error» message appearing when leaving the game Local Area Network as host on Nintendo Switch
  • Reduce instances where players may see a ‘Unable to connect’ error due to ‘Authentication expired from Discovery’

style play

  • Camera position is now used to listen to the sound system and ambient sound
    • In the past, the position and rotation of the player was sometimes used to hear the sound
    • This effectively inverts the sound when using the ‘third person front’ camera perspective


  • Farmer Villagers will now interact with Torchflower Seeds and Pitcher Pods. They can pick up seeds and plant, but they won’t harvest Tornado or Moringa
  • The sound made when the Camel rushes is no longer played over and over again
  • Fixed an issue with the Jump Boost effect not affecting Magma Cubes
  • Fixed Boats on Ice disappearing when Client-Side Chunk-Generation is activated
  • Mobs return to normal spawn speed during the night
  • Camels now play a walking animation while standing still taking damage
  • Sniffer can no longer dig seeds in the air
  • Mobs no longer freeze without Snow Powder if there are Snow Powder blocks near the west and north side


  • Polished Basalt and Perforated Deepslate can no longer be replaced by Sculk during world creation
  • Polished Deepslate can now be replaced with Sculk during world creation
  • Decorative Vase crafted with at least one Sherd now has hover tooltips showing Sherd and Brick ingredients
  • Players who are not allowed to open/close containers can no longer interact with Chiseled Bookshelves
  • Correct sound effects are now played when the Enchanted Book is removed from the Perforated Bookshelf
  • Perforated bookshelf slot interactions are now symmetrical
  • The cauldron water texture is now the correct version
  • Note Block on Soul Soil now produces Harp sound instead of Snare . sound
  • Shovel can no longer mine Packed Mud as fast as Pickaxe
  • Placing blocks on Top Snow and High Grass while moving sideways will no longer cause them to stack continuously
  • Suspicious Gravel and Suspicious Sand blocks now display correctly on the Map
  • Mushrooms can now spawn on fallen tree trunks
  • Conduit now has correct lighting when placed on the ground


  • Fixed black pixels being generated on the map when Client-Side Basing is enabled
  • Shield no longer clamps inside the Armor Stand model while in attack position

Sculk Vibration

  • Placing, rotating, or deleting an item in the Item Frame or in the Glow Item Frame now emits a vibration
  • Charge Revive Anchor now emits vibrations
  • Scraping or waxing the blocks of the Bronze block set now emits vibrations
  • Convert Daylight Detector to Reverse Daylight Detector or vice versa, now emits vibration
  • Adding food to Campfire now emits vibrations
  • Add or remove Music Discs to a jukebox that now emits vibrations
  • Mud turned into clay now emits vibrations
  • Harvesting Sweet Berries now emits vibrations
  • Placing the Eye of Ender in the End Portal Frame will now emit vibrations
  • Bees now emit vibrations when entering or leaving the Hive or Hive
  • Interacting with Composter now emits vibrations
  • Now attaching or removing the Conductor from the Fence will emit vibration
  • Attaching or detaching a Lead from a mob will now emit vibrations
  • Dying a Sheep now emits vibrations
  • Picking Glow Berries now emit vibrations
  • Farmland turned into Dirt now emits vibration
  • Using a Spawn Egg on a Spawn Monster now emits vibrations
  • Silverfish fused with blocks now emit vibrations
  • Using Pickaxe on Rooted Dirt now emits vibration
  • Using a Shovel to create a Dirt Path will now emit vibrations
  • Set a Door that now emits vibration
  • Planting seeds in Farmland now emits vibration


  • Updated the contrast ratio of the close button in the field feed menu
  • Updated the contrast ratio of the New Post title banner
  • Error message is now displayed when trying to upload a cross-platform restricted world to Realm, instead of uploading a corrupted world
  • Spotlight indicator no longer automatically selects the Find Friends button when the Members tab is selected


  • Improved Xbox on-screen keyboard experience, including better positioning, updating fields with input, and no longer dimming the screen when the on-screen keyboard is open
  • Added a toggle for all platforms that allows huge GUI extensibility beyond what the GUI slider allows
  • Text-to-speech now reads item names when selecting items in the hotbar

User interface

  • Added support to detect Brazilian Portuguese as the preferred system language on Nintendo Switch
  • Horse and Donkey’s jump bar, and camel’s jump bar, now scale to match the experience bar
  • Changed Pause Menu disconnect text to platform agnostic
  • Fixed an issue that caused inventory to be locked after automatic booking
  • Imported worlds now have their last played date modified to when they were imported
  • Rearrange the gamepad tooltips for the UI screen so that the buttons align on the same side as the controller

Mouse input

  • The default chat duration is now set to 10 seconds while the default toast notification duration is still 3 seconds
  • Improved handling of concurrent clicks, triggering each associated action/response individually
  • Fixed unresponsive or laggy input when using mouse with controller
  • Text-to-speech now reads «Slash button» when hovering over «/» button in chat screen


  • Fixed an issue with highlighted blocks and mob shadows appearing through Pumpkin’s overlay on Switch
  • Snow or rain rendering is now based on camera position instead of player location
  • Shield no longer flickers when held with both hands on RTX
  • Fixed fade effect in sleep mode and camera not covering screen until first person rendering occurs
  • Underwater and fog effects are now based on camera position instead of player location
  • The Fancy Leaves setting is now applied instantly and will no longer cause x-ray effects
  • Fixed player cloak not flapping properly when moving forward but looking sideways (fixed this time!)

If you haven’t had a chance to see the previous Minecraft ‘Trails & Tales’ update, be sure to check out our previous post and the full patch notes. You can also check out its trailer right below!

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