Blockchain & Fintech Day

Blockchain & Fintech Day: the leading digital business school for online training will host Blockchain & Fintech Day, an event where leading experts from both worlds will explain how technology and digital innovation have revolutionized finance, banking, and payments.

Blockchain & Fintech Day

At this free online event, leading technology experts in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, regulatory controls, and other technologies.

The event will cover today’s topics such as open innovation strategies in the banking and fintech sectors, stablecoins, CBDC and cryptocurrencies, banking challenges, and regulatory challenges in the crypto space.

The Fintech ecosystem will share their experiences applying these technologies and best practices to their businesses and how their organizations have overcome the challenges of change to succeed.

Blockchain Technology

The financial technology (fintech) industry has grown exponentially over the past five years, becoming on the one hand one of the largest industries in the world and on the other.

Hand a core industry that supports the operations of many businesses due to its ability to innovate and its potential to create new business models.

The exponential growth of FinTech and the blockchain that underpins it are stimulating a demand for professionals with specific knowledge and skills and who can provide value directly to companies.

In response to this demand and to convert those interested in the field into professionals, IEBS is organizing a conference, Blockchain & Fintech Day» will be held.

Meanwhile Blockchain

The program of presentations will include Jaime Fernández, Open Innovation Coordinator at Prosegur, Javier Pastor, Sales Director at Bit2Me:

Carles Marcos, Country Manager at Qonto.
ATH21; Cristina Carrascosa.
Founder and Managing Partner of ATH21,
Jorge Soriano, CEO
Co-Founder of Criptan, among other experts.

The event will be streamed on January 27 from 6:00 pm to 8:10 pm. Registration is completely free and open to the public.

This program will teach you all the basics of applying these new payment and financing methods within any business.


Fnally, financial technology has undoubtedly become the backbone for many companies to manage and operate their professional activities. This is because of its ability to support innovation and create new models of services and products.

It can completely revolutionize traditional models of work and economics. For this reason, IEBS offers a Master in Blockchain and FinTech.

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