Blockchain & Fintech Day

Blockchain & Fintech Day: the leading digital business school for online training will host Blockchain & Fintech Day, an event where leading experts from both worlds will explain how technology and digital innovation have revolutionized finance, banking, and payments. Blockchain & Fintech Day At this free online event, leading technology experts in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, regulatory … Leer más

Man-made changes in ocean salinity threaten marine biodiversity and ecosystems

Man-made changes in ocean salinity threaten marine biodiversity and ecosystems

In the endless blue of the world’s oceans and the endless expanse of our coastal and estuarine ecosystems, an overlooked agent is shaping the lives of countless creatures – salt. and ocean salinity. This is the powerful message of an eye-opening study led by an international team of researchers. They argue that the role of … Leer más

Sea snakes regain color vision thanks to rare genetic evolution

This shows a snake.

Summary: A new study shows that the annular sea snake has evolved to perceive more colors than its ancestors. The snakes initially lost their color vision as they adapted to a lifestyle of burrowing under dim light, but sea snakes living in brighter marine environments have regained color vision. Two of the four intact copies … Leer más

Unraveling the mysteries of dark matter through gravitational waves

Gravitational waves Dark matter Astrophysics illustration

Researchers have revealed that observing gravitational waves from merging black holes could provide new insights into the nature of dark matter, according to findings presented at the National Astronomy Congress. The international team used computer simulations to study the generation of gravitational wave signals in a simulated universe with different types of dark matter. They … Leer más

How statistical physics illuminates sea ice, a key part of Earth’s climate system – @theU

How statistical physics illuminates sea ice, a key part of Earth's climate system - @theU

Since beginning to study polar sea ice at NASA in 1975, mathematician Ken Golden has helped document alarming shifts in seasonal variation, the thin crust covering the Arctic oceans. and Antarctica. There is far less ice now, and since then, the University of Utah scientist has spent most of his career applying statistical mechanics—the physics … Leer más

Avoiding traffic accidents on the way to the moon


Purdue engineers aim to protect upcoming lunar missions from space debris WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – With dozens of missions headed to space between Earth and the moon over the next 10 years, there’s bound to be plenty of traffic. To prevent those spacecraft from crashing into each other, Purdue University engineer Carolin Frueh is working … Leer más

Moon Race: How Nations Are Competing to Discover Earth’s Natural Satellite – Today’s Innovation & Technology

How technology is redefining Wimbledon

The Moon, Earth’s only natural satellite, has been a source of fascination and inspiration to mankind for millennia. It has also been the target of scientific discovery and investigation since the dawn of the space age. Over the next year, several countries and private companies are planning missions to the Moon, each with their own … Leer más

Parasite DNA sequence hijacks cell’s own repair machinery

Parasite DNA sequence hijacks cell's own repair machinery

Register Free to listen to this article Thank. Listen to this article using the player above. ✖ Like its viral cousins, a slightly parasitic DNA sequence called a retrotransposon has been discovered that borrows the cell’s own machinery to achieve its target. In a new piece that appeared online Wednesday in the magazine Naturea … Leer más