How many bonuses are offered at the FIFA Women’s World Cup?

This year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand will see the biggest prize pool in the history of the women’s tournament.

Prize money for the tournament will increase by more than 300% from 2019 as FIFA works towards equal rewards between men’s and women’s competitions by 2027.

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A whopping US$110 million (AU$165 million) has been allocated to prize money, far exceeding the total prize pool four years ago (US$30 million) and 2015 (US$15 million) .

And all 732 players are guaranteed to pocket a share of the total prize pool.

The United States celebrates the 2019 Women’s World Cup championship. Credit: beautiful pictures

How much will the champions win?

All 32 teams are guaranteed US$1,560,000 (AU$2,334,000) just to qualify for the tournament.

The winning country will walk away with US$4,290,000 (AU$6.420,000).

  • Group stage: US$1,560,000 (AU$2,334,000)
  • Round of 16: $1,870,000 (US$2,798,000)
  • Quarterfinals: US$2,180,000 (US$3,261,000)
  • Wednesday: US$2,455,000 ($3,673,000)
  • Tuesday: $2,610,000 (US$3,905,000)
  • Runner-up: US$3,015,000 (US$4,510,000)
  • Champion: $4,290,000 ($6,420,000)

How much will the player earn?

Each player has been allocated a portion of the prize money, in addition to what the teams can earn.

All 732 players are guaranteed at least US$30,000 (AU$45,000) in personal money, while winning players will pocket US$270,000 (AU$403,000) each.

  • Group stage: US$30,000 (AU$45,000)
  • Round of 16: US$60,000 (AU$90,000)
  • Quarterfinals: US$90,000 ($135,000)
  • Wednesday: US$165,000 (AU$246,000)
  • Tuesday: US$180,000 (AU$270,000)
  • Runner-up: $195,000 ($290,000)
  • Champion: US$270,000 (AU$403,000)

FIFA President Gianni Infantino said: “Under this unprecedented new distribution model, each individual player at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup can now fully rely on remuneration for efforts. theirs as they progress throughout the tournament.

“The global salary of female professional footballers is around US$14,000 (AU$20,000) annually, so the money allocated under this unprecedented new distribution model will have an impact real and meaningful to the lives and careers of these players.

“Additionally, all member associations will also receive record financial distributions based on their performance, which they can use to reinvest back into football in their respective countries. them and which we believe will help push women’s football further.”

How does it compare to the Men’s World Cup?

The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar has a total prize pool of US$440 million (AU$656 million), meaning there is still a difference of US$330 million (AU$495 million) between the two. World Cup period.

But FIFA is fully aware of the difference and is working towards equality.

“(We) embark on a historic journey for women’s football and for equality. This will lead us to the path of equal pay. This journey has three steps. Steps one and two have been taken by the FIFA Council,» Infantino said.

“Step one is equal conditions and services for all men and women playing at the FIFA World Cup. This will become a reality at the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

“The second step entails a significant increase in total prize money for the 2023 World Cup. We move from $15 million in 2015 to $150 million in 2023.

“Now comes the third step: the hardest step, the most complicated step, the one that will take longer. This is supported by our new commercial strategy with the implementation of a marketing concept dedicated to the women’s game and the Women’s World Cup in particular.

«Our ambition, of course, is to be able to have equality in payments for the 2026 men’s and the women’s 2027 World Cup.» went backstage to do an exclusive tour of the stadium upgrade. went backstage to do an exclusive tour of the stadium upgrade.

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