Top 5 smart tryhard costumes in GTA Online in 2023

Tryhards are an integral part of the GTA Online game and many players love to present themselves as one. Although most casual players look down on challengers because they tend to interrupt the gameplay of others, there is a distinct community that enjoys being a challenger. Rockstar Games offers a wide variety of skins for players, and the tryhard community has also found some tactical skins to suit their style.

However, most new players are confused about which skin to choose for their appearance. The game also limits the use of certain skins with others, making the process more complicated. To help, this article lists the top five smart tryhard skins of all time that GTA Online players can try on in 2023.

Note: The article is subjective and only reflects the opinion of the author.

Top five tryhard outfits to stand out from the crowd in GTA Online

5) Night-Ops . Outfits

The Night-Ops costume is one of the best with additional vehicles. It gives a stealthy and deadly look to the player. The Night-Ops skin is also one of the best options for new players as it doesn’t require much customization and can be easily found at any Grand Theft Auto 5 Online clothing store.

The following are the items needed to build the Night-Ops skin in GTA Online:

  • black battle shirt
  • Black plate carrier
  • black combat pants
  • Black tactical boots
  • Black Gloves
  • Black dual lens
  • Black Gun Glasses or Black Spec Ski

4) Spec Ops . Skins

If you like something that can instantly terrorize other GTA Online players during the day, then the Spec Ops skin is the best fit for you. The following items are required for the interface:

  • Grassland Armor (Cayo Perico Heist Outfit section)
  • Tan walking boots
  • Black Gloves
  • Brushstroke Dual Lens
  • Grayscale Urban Ski or Moss Spec Ski

While the costumes look both military-grade and luxurious, players may have to use some glitches in GTA Online to equip some items. However, it is still trending in the tryhard community.

3) Winter Soldier Outfit

Winter Solider is one of the most famous assassins in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He has a dedicated following in the Grand Theft Auto Online tryhard community. The fictional character has been seen in many costumes in the film. However, his tactical looks are the most common in GTA Online gameplay.

Players must equip the following items to be like the Winter Solider in the game:

  • Surfer Dude Hairstyle (Black)
  • Devastated eye makeup
  • Black Heist Pants
  • Black combat vest
  • Light attack vest
  • Black flying shoes
  • Black Gloves
  • Bigness black face ski mask
  • Outlaw Glass Mono

2) Grove Street Outfits

When it comes to gangster and heavy duty life, the members of Grove Street in GTA 5 Online give players great inspiration to become one of them. This influence is mainly seen among tryers, as some like to roam like the Grove Street gangsters in the game. The costume is also simple and requires the following items:

  • Dark green checkered shirt
  • Olive office pants
  • Hi-Top in plain green

While it may not look quite as tactical and military as some of the other tryhard skins in the game, all GTA players fear and respect the members of Grove Street, and so do you. can use the same effect with the costume.

1) Black and Blue

Black and Blue skins are one of the newest and most popular tryhard skins in GTA Online, as many players frequently use them. While veteran players mostly enjoy the camouflage and tan uniforms, many new players are also enjoying the new look. The following items are required to achieve the look:

  • black jogger pants
  • Black and Blue Light Ups Shoes
  • Black Gloves
  • Dusk Urban ski goggles
  • Aqua Camo Quad Lens Helmet
  • Black combat vest
  • Blue and gray strapless vest

Many Grand Theft Auto 6 fans are also looking forward to trying out this skin in the upcoming game. It’s also possible that Rockstar Games will allow players to combine more items in costumes.

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