Want to find colliding black holes? Check out the disks around quasars

Artist's impression of a quasar.  They all have a supermassive black hole at their center.  Credit: NOIRLab/NSF/AURA/J.  da Silva

The universe is filled with gravitational waves. The collisions of massive objects like black holes and neutron stars create many of them. Now, astronomers are wondering about the environment in which these catastrophic events occur. Turns out they might need to look at quasars. The first detection of gravitational waves occurred in 2015. Since that … Leer más

Blackview Active 8 Pro Rugged Tablet arrives in the US for just $209.99

Blackview Active 8 Pro ultra-durable tablet (Source: Blackview)

Blackview Active 8 Pro ultra-durable tablet (Source: Blackview) Launching globally today with final pricing that varies based on import and transaction fees applicable to a given market, the Blackview Active 8 Pro Android tablet is now available to US customers. Ky for $209.99 with a $30 discount code. In addition, the first 200 orders can … Leer más