Sneyking says player swaps are ‘necessary evil’ to improve in Dota 2

While continuity is important to building a strong team that can last, once something has proven to be ineffective or unstoppable, change is unlikely. avoid. This is especially true in eSports like Dota 2where even the imposition of limits and penalties on roster swaps doesn’t stop players from moving in an effort to improve—even if the cost is very high.

That type of roster move varies from team to team but is considered by many, including Tundra Esports captain Sneyking, to be a «necessary evil».

Sneyking told Dot Esports: “We swapped players in and out with subs and let everyone take a break. “This is something that we have discussed extensively to try to make it possible for people who need breaks to get them while Tundra as a team is still able to participate in as many tournaments as possible. Obviously, this situation isn’t ideal for the rest of the players playing with the subs, but it’s essential for the team to better prepare for LAN events.»

A video from Tundra showing the variations added to its Dota roster.
Change the list everywhere in DotA, but Tundra can be built differently. Screenshot via Tundra Esports

It’s not a common approach as most teams would have previously decided to either keep playing until they found success or hit the discard button to replace one or two players in the hopes of finding a result. with a new spin.

After winning The International 11 last October, Tundra openly discussed how burnout affected their practice and performances this season, leading the team to use more focus on sports psychology at Tundra to figure out how they will deal with that defensive threat. their title at TI12.

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This involved giving them more rest after a disappointing run at the Lima Major in March, which obviously helped them over the next few months as Tundra improved their position and finished in the top five. at both the DreamLeague Season 19 and the Berlin Major.

The DL20 and Bali Major saw the element of independence come into play, with the defending TI champions needing to quickly adapt to different lineups due to factors such as medical issues mid-Major. That didn’t seem to have had much of an impact on the team as they finished in third, and Aui_2000’s return to the game sent Ceb vibes after OG’s Stockholm Major win last season.

“My role as captain is primarily focused on drafting and overall gameplay,” Sneyking said. “I try my best to incorporate the characteristics of each of our teammates into what I think is the ideal playstyle. The same is true of the games we play with the subs.”

Not sure Tundra’s approach, even if they try to repeat TI12, will be enough to change DotA from being a “blow it up” game after it fails—another factor that differentiates organizations.

Some teams like Team Spirit or Shopify Rebellion will make an important change to take a fresh look at teams with a deep history together. Then there were the unexpected explosions like Team Aster signing with SumaiL in May and then parting ways with the legendary Chinese support duo after more than 1,700 games together in their career post-Bali, instead completely change the identity of the team.

There seems to have been an increase in the number of teams willing to swap player roles rather than cornering a squad if that team fails to perform this season. But with the TI regional qualifiers taking place at the end of August, get ready to see that quickly change back into a talent draw for anyone without a direct invite and results. suspicious recently.

We’re looking at you, the whole WEU.

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