Remaining Prototype 2 Tutorial: Challenge Prototype Trait, Prime perks, etc

The Challenger is one of the more melee-focused Prototypes in Remnant 2. It’s best to get close and personal with your opponent. While doing so, it makes perfect use of enhanced armor and high DPS perks. At the start of the game you are allowed to choose the best class to build. Each Archetype has starter equipment, items, Prime Perks, etc.

Getting Challenger insights is crucial to going further with this class. That said, this article is a complete guide to the Remnant 2 Challenger Archetype.

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Everything you need to know about the Remnant Challenger Prototype 2

Choose this Prototype for the fighting style (Image via Gunfire Games)

For those who like to play actively and have dynamic gameplay, Challenger Archetype is a reliable choice in Remnant 2. This class is ideal for mid-range combat situations. The challenger has a fearsome presence as enemies in range take significant damage.

Confronting opponents becomes much easier with Challenger because it focuses on massive damage. Since each Archetype has a unique Prime Perk, using it consciously in battle will give you the edge. Its Prototype trait reduces Resistance depending on level.

The Challenge Privilege System supports increased melee damage, reduced damage taken, reduced health cost, etc. Moreover, the skill system supports significant damage, movement, weapon, and acceleration. reload rate.

The rest 2: Prime Challenger’s Perks

To unlock Challenger Priority Privileges, you must be level 5 in Rest 2. When you reach level 10, you can upgrade further. That said, it can only happen once in ten minutes.

die hard

When faced with a deadly threat, the Challenger exploits the ultimate defense mechanism. You become invulnerable for five seconds, shielding yourself from damage, and undergo rapid regeneration, restoring 100% of your maximum health.

Remnant 2: Challenger Prototype Trait

Challenger with its weapon (Image via Gunfire Games)

The Challenger trait has special passive abilities that give special powers and rewards in this soul-like game. You can only equip one Trait per Prototype because they are locked behind a certain Prototype. Moreover, it is very helpful if you level up to increase the effect of Trait, Overwhelm.

Level Function
first -1 obstacle
2 -2 obstacles
3 -3 obstacles
4 -4 Encroachment
5 -5 obstacles
6 -6 Encroachment
7 -7 Encroachment
8 -8 obstacles
9 -9 Encroachment
ten -10 obstacles

Remainder 2: Challenger Prototype Privilege

The challenger takes aim at the opponent (Image via Gunfire Games)

The challenger has four types of Perks in his arsenal. From dealing close-range damage to activating powerful effects, these abilities will give them the edge in combat situations. Additionally, some powers reduce the amount of damage dealt, while some reduce the additional Stamina cost.

This is a list of all Challenger Prototype Privileges.

1) Close Quarters (Perk Damage)

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Released on July 25, 2023, with early access on July 21. Unlock the Gunslinger Archetype and the classic armor Remnant right before discovering them in the game.


You get a massive 40% boost to both ranged and melee damage when engaging enemies at close range within 7m. Furthermore, the chance of landing critical hits is amplified by up to 10% in this range.

2) Scary Presence (Group Perk)

When you activate Scary Presence, enemies within 10m will suffer the consequences. For the next 15 seconds, they deal 10% less damage. For each enemy affected by this debuff, their damage is reduced by 2.5%.

3) Powerlifter (Utility Perks)

Use this perk to reduce Stamina cost (Image via Gunfire Games)

Powerlifter reduces the increase in additional Stamina cost per weight frame and Stamina Recovery Delay by 50%.

4) Facing danger (Relic Perk)

A powerful effect is activated when you use Face of Danger within ten meters of an enemy. You instantly get two Bulwark stacks, boost your defenses, and experience a 10% increase in damage for ten seconds.

Rest 2: Challenger’s Prototype Skill

Graphical view of the characters (Image via Gunfire Games)

Although the Challenger has three skills, you can only equip each skill one at a time in Remnant 2. Using these abilities will deal significant damage to opponents at the mentioned ranges, speeding up movement, increased fire rate, etc.

Here is a list of all Challenger Prototype Skills in Remnant 2:

1) Stalling in war

With War Stomp, you can create powerful shock waves in the forward cone direction. This shockwave deals 210 damage, hits enemies in an empty range from all sides and has 2 stacks.

2) Juggler

One of the Challenger’s skills is Juggernaut (Image via Gunfire Games)

You get the BULWARK L3 buff, which gives you 15% movement speed and melee combat with Juggernaut. In addition, melee damage is greatly increased by 50%, while the impact of the stagger is reduced by 1, lasting for 25 seconds.

3) Rage

With Rampage active, you increase fire speed by 15%, reload speed by 20%, and movement speed by 10%. It lasts for 20 seconds.

You get a Stack of RAGE with each powerful attack you unleash on your enemies. Each stack enhances your ranged damage by 5%. As you collect 10 Stacks, the Challenger will sink into BERSERK mode, unleashing unstoppable rage on enemies.

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