Pokemon GO players propose to turn previous generation regional exclusives into 7km . egg nests

Pokemon GO is approaching calendar year 2023, but some trainers are still having trouble catching all of the game’s typical Pocket Monsters. With the return of Shiny Mew’s Masterpiece Research «All-in-One #151» for the game’s 7th Anniversary, a new discussion about area-locked monsters, but Redditor u /Jamie-Tartt suggested a solution.

Since some species in Pokemon GO can only spawn in certain areas of the world outside of events, Jamie-Tartt thinks it’s time for Niantic to start bringing creatures from previous generations into the tank. hatch. This will likely help fans struggling to catch some of the area-locked species.

Pokemon GO Redditors dismissed the comments with thoughts of their own, many of which were negative for the game developers at Niantic.

Pokemon GO players discuss prospect of adding region-locked creatures to hatch eggs

When Shiny Mew’s Masterwork Research reappeared during the Pokemon GO 7th Anniversary event, some players criticized the difficulty of some of the quests in the research quest line. Many people point out that completing the Kanto Platinum medal requires you to catch all 151 species native to the Kanto region.

The problem with that quest, as Pokemon GO players say, is that creatures like Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, Farfetch’d and Tauros only spawn in the wild in certain parts of the world. Events like the GO Kanto Tour occasionally deliver these monsters worldwide, but some fans are unable to participate.

As a solution, Jamie-Tartt suggests that Niantic should place the first three generations of region-locked Pokemon in the game’s available nests. This will allow players who can’t travel or those living in the countryside to collect these Pocket Monsters without having to rely on the mobile title’s spawn mechanics.

Many trainers have criticized Niantic’s decision to introduce region-locked Pokemon in the first place, criticizing that it’s absurd and unreasonable to expect players to travel countries and continents to catch them. virtual monster. Other fans commented that adding regional exclusions would make hatching more appealing.

Many Pokemon GO players agreed with the original idea of ​​placing areas in eggs, but some fans cynically pointed out that this goes against Niantic’s business plan. Taking players to travel to different countries or states is one way for the company to collect location data for its sponsors.

Furthermore, Niantic hosts many live Pokemon GO events throughout the year. Participating trainers are often granted access to rare or region-specific Pocket Monsters, influencing their purchase of tickets and accommodation to participate in real-world festivals.

This leads to comments that go back to earlier assertions in Pokemon GO history that Niantic is only really interested in certain players. Specifically those who have a lot of disposable income and spare time, and ideally those who live in densely populated cities, leaving players in certain countries or remote areas wanting more. from the game.

The recent criticism towards Niantic has certainly not helped with player opinion, with vocal members of the fan community saying it’s still not enough for players in populated locations. sparse or those requiring accessibility options, many of which are not yet available in-game.

The growing controversies surrounding remote raiding and the Ambassador Program, as well as inadvertently reducing shiny spawns and botched live events, have led many trainers to assume that Niantic doesn’t want to make the usual gameplay changes.

While player complaints are understandable to a certain extent, one can expect that the mobile title will start incorporating Regional Pocket Monsters into future events. in 2023 to assist players in completing their Kanto Platinum medal and completing their Masterwork Research to obtain Shiny Mew.

Unfortunately for Niantic, some coaches may not hold their collective breath.

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