Pochettino has $220m problem at Chelsea as Liverpool transfer ‘belief’ valid

At one stage, it looked like Liverpool had made a number of transfers with Chelsea this time of the summer. It has been revealed that Mauricio Pochettino’s new side need to change players by June 30 to comply with Financial Fair Play (FFP), and several options are considered attractive at Anfield.

Chief among them was Mason Mount, who eventually signed a $77 million (£60m/€70m) move to Manchester United. The player is clearly more interested in a move to Old Trafford, but it looks like Liverpool will balk at that price, with the deal ending a long way from the FFP deal predicted when the player’s contract comes to an end.

But as well as Mount, others have been mentioned. Conor Gallagher’s statistical profile matches Jude Bellingham’s statistical profile surprisingly well, so that possibility has been floated. Then, of course, there’s Levi Colwill.

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That last option still exists, even though the June 30 deadline has passed. But with Chelsea already looking to ease the pressure by making changes to the likes of Mount, Kalidou Koulibaly, Kai Havertz and Mateo Kovačić, this looks, in theory, a tough deal to get.

However, Pochettino still has problems. FFP may have stalled for the time being, but the Chelsea squad is still packed. From the point of view of people management as well as anything else, the London club is far from coming out of the woods.

Recently, Pochettino almost admitted when discussing Colwill’s future (via Guardian):

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