Minecraft Bedrock 1.20.10 Update Patch Notes: Added crawling, short stealth improvements and more

Minecraft’s post-Trails & Tales series of updates continues, with Bedrock Edition receiving the latest patch. The version of the game commonly associated with consoles and mobile devices received the version 1.20.10 release on July 11, 2023. This version made a number of changes on a par. specified to the Java Version while implementing a number of additions and tweaks that are more targeted towards the Bedrock engine.

Whatever the case, there’s a lot of notable content in Minecraft Bedrock’s 1.20.10 update that’s worth checking out. Others are performance-based and are largely implemented out of sight during casual gameplay.

If Minecraft players have missed out on notable additions in Bedrock 1.20.10, it won’t hurt to check out the most important tweaks so they don’t get caught by surprise.

Break down the changes and additions in Minecraft Bedrock 1.20.10

Many of the changes made in Minecraft Bedrock 1.20.10 aim to bring this version in line with the normal gameplay of the Java Edition. A large number of additions have also been included to transform the game’s Experimental Features. Some of the changes are quite significant compared to how the Bedrock Edition has operated for many years.

In addition, Bedrock 1.20.10 implements a large number of fixes on multiple platforms, including Windows 10/11 Edition, console, and a mobile version commonly known as Pocket Edition.

Main Highlights of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.20.10 update

  • Sneaky now sets the player’s hitbox to 1.5 blocks in height.
  • Players can no longer sneak while riding mobs, fixed a long-standing bug on some versions of Bedrock Edition.
  • Some situations where players sneak for short periods of time will no longer deal choking damage.
  • Riding a camel in gaps two blocks high no longer deals suffocation damage.
  • Shovels have been removed from boat recipes, making Bedrock a better fit for the vanilla Standard Java Edition.
  • The crate recipe now uses blocks of wood planks instead of sticks.
  • Spider webs can no longer be used to create chains.
  • Crawl has been added to an Experimental Feature switch in a category called «Sneaky and Short Crawling».
  • A new crawl animation has been introduced for player models.
  • Once in a gap one block high, the player will automatically start crawling as long as the feature has been enabled in Minecraft Bedrock’s Experimental Feature.
  • When sneaking, swimming or gliding, the bullets fired by the player will always be thrown out of the camera’s position.
  • Trident enchanted with Loyalty will return to the player based on their camera orientation.
  • While swimming, sneaking or surfing, eating foods will now appropriately display particles «chewing» as intended.
  • Player’s «Paper Dolls» seen in the corner of the screen will now display as intended when crawling.
  • Recipe Unlock has been added as an Experimental Feature. Just like in Minecraft Java, players will receive notifications of new recipes when they select a resource or material to be used as an ingredient in the recipe.
  • Ambient and acoustic cues are now audible against the player’s camera.
  • Communication error appearing after leaving LAN game has been fixed for Nintendo Switch.
  • Farmers Villagers can now pick up and plant torches and vase shells.
  • Mobs now have an initial spawn rate at night.
  • Sniffs can no longer dig up ancient seeds from the air.
  • Polished and chiseled basalt blocks will no longer be replaced by sculk blocks in the Minecraft Bedrock world generation.
  • Soul earth now produces a harp sound when placed below a note block.
  • Suspicious blocks will now appropriately appear on the map.
  • Applying or removing wax on copper blocks will now create a vibration that sculk blocks can receive. The same thing can happen when a player gives/removes a record from a jukebox, turns mud into clay, sets a door, sows seeds on farmland, or when harvesting sweet berries.
  • The rendering of snow and rain in Minecraft Bedrock is now done in proportion to the player’s camera view.

In addition to the changes and additions listed above, Bedrock players received dozens of bug fixes and performance tweaks as part of update 1.20.10. A full list of changes can be found on the official Mojang release page, complete with all the fixes and basic performance implementations.

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