Liverpool can fix Klopp’s ‘worst’ with second transfer window like Mac Allister

It may sound strange, but the dream of Jürgen Klopp and Pep Lijnders is not necessarily to make Liverpool the best team in the world.

Instead, they simply want the Reds to be the hardest team to face, overwhelming their opponents with their aggression and intensity.

Some would say it’s one and the same, but the second goal speaks to the team’s identity better – an identity that was eroded last season.

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«Right now, they seem to be the easiest team to face,» Sky Sports’ Jamie Carragher said of his former side following a 3-3 draw against Brighton in October (via TEAMtalk), and things don’t. markedly improved until April, when a tactical adjustment re-energized Liverpool but came too late to save Champions League football.

Looking back on the campaign back in May, Klopp spoke quite honestly about his unrecognizable side.

«There are a lot of games in the season, I think the teams are happy to face us now,» he said (via LFC), «and it’s really the worst that can happen to us. you. I hate these moments.»

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