Gravastar’s latest sci-fi inspired products are now officially available in Malaysia

Gravastar recently officially released its latest products for the Malaysian market, including the new Mars Pro and Supernova wireless speakers, Sirius P5 and Sirius Pro earbuds, and an Alpha 65W fast charger. They are available now through the brand’s official online stores on both Shopee And clinchas well as authorized local distributors such as By Lumos and AiStore.

For those unfamiliar, Gravastar is known for releasing unique audio products featuring sci-fi inspired designs. The first is its original tripod wireless speaker that launched in 2019 after its success crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo. The company has continued to release newer products since then, including newer speakers, earbuds, and even a wall charger that resembles a cute bipedal robot.

Gravastar Mars Pro

Gravastar's newest product available in Malaysia
Gravastar Mars Pro (Image: Gravastar)

The Mars is the latest evolution of Gravastar’s tripod speaker. While it shares some design similarities with its predecessor, what’s new is its internal hardware including a dual 20W speaker system with full-range subwoofer driver, RGB lighting, control based on touch and improved battery life up to 15 hours. The device also comes with Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity and can be paired with another device for a more powerful stereo experience.

For the Malaysian market, Gravastar Mars Pro has 4 color options. There are Black and White colors retailing for RM1,099, a War Damage Yellow version for RM1,199, and a cool Shark 14 variant that comes with dual gatling guns and shields for RM1,299.

Supernova Gravastar

Gravastar's newest product available in Malaysia
Supernova Gravastar (Image: Gravastar)

Next is supernova model, has the legs of a Mars walker but has a tall, lamp-like body. It also features a 25W full-range speaker with a 0.5-inch high-frequency tweeter, RGB lighting with 3 different modes, Bluetooth 5.3 and AUX compatibility, and a battery with up to 9 hours of playback. There’s also an optional carry handle that you can attach for easy portability.

Although larger than the Mars Pro, this particular model is actually more affordable. On that note, the Dawn White color option for the Gravastar Supernova is priced at RM799, while the War Damaged Yellow version retails for RM819.

Gravastar Sirius P5

Gravastar's newest product available in Malaysia
Gravastar Sirius P5 (Photo: Gravastar)

The Sirius P5 are Gravastar’s entry-level TWS earbuds. It boasts 12mm Dynamic Drivers, Qualcomm aptX and Bluetooth 5.2 support, multi-point connectivity, and IPX4 water resistance. Instead of active noise cancellation (ANC), the buds feature Environmental Noise Cancellation, which is a passive noise cancellation technology that uses a microphone to detect outside sounds and generate an opposite sound wave to eliminate it. leave them. As for the battery, the company says the audio device offers up to 8 hours of playtime at 50% volume and up to 40 hours in total when used with the charging case.

Speaking of which, the main attraction of the Sirius P5 is the included box, which is offered in three different shells with different designs: Armor Gray, Mecha White, Mecha Blue, and the Crystal Blue option with a transparent body. . Gravastar notes that you can swap between these cases and can buy each case separately. Meanwhile, the buds themselves are available in white or black.

All versions of the Gravastar Sirius P5 are priced at RM359, while each case retails for RM99. There is also a 3-in-1 Combo that comes with Armor Gray, Mecha White and Crystal Blue cases priced at RM499.

Gravastar Sirius Pro

Gravastar's newest product available in Malaysia
Gravastar Sirius Pro (Photo: Gravastar)

Now we have arrived Professional Sirius TWS in-ear headphones, featuring a stemless in-ear design. This particular model comes with 7.2mm dynamic drivers, custom EQs for music, games and movies, 3D surround sound, touch-based controls, in-ear detection, ENC, Bluetooth 5.2 and IPX5 water resistance. Gravastar claims that the bud offers four hours of continuous playback, with three additional charges via the included carrying case.

And like the P5, the main highlight of the Pro model is the uniquely designed carrying case that also doubles as a bottle opener. You read it right. Gravastar actually designed the carrying case to not only store and keep the included headphones fully charged, but also help you break a cold one. Besides, it also has an LED light and a quick release cover activated by a button on the side. Oh, did we mention that Sirius Pro also comes with a larger carrying case?

The Gravastar Sirius Pro TWS earbuds are available in Matte Black, Neon Green, War Damage Gray, and War Gold color options. All are priced at RM599.

Gravastar Alpha 65W Fast Charger

Gravastar's newest product available in Malaysia
Gravastar Alpha 65W (Photo: Gravastar)

Last but not least is lovely Alpha 65W . wall charger as we mentioned earlier, designed to resemble a tiny bipedal robot – complete with glowing eyes and what looks like rabbit ears or fins. The pins can be folded to make room for the plug underneath to be deployed. On that note, despite having a US plug by default, the Alpha also comes with EU and UK adapters included in the box.

As its name suggests, the charger delivers a maximum output of 65W with GaN-enabled fast charging, while power is provided via two USB-C ports and one USB-A port. The Gravastar Alpha 65W wall charger comes in two colors Dawn White and War Damaged Yellow, priced at RM269 each.

(Source: Gravastar Malaysia)

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