Virtual Private Server: What it is and how to use it with AAAFx

A lot of ink was poured on VPS hosting and how to exploit its potential. In trading, where every millisecond counts, efficiency and automation are critical to success. But how do traders incorporate efficiency and automation into their operations? It’s simple: with the right set of technology. When it comes to VPS technology and hosting, AAAFx ticks all the boxes.

The award-winning broker offers exposure to 70 forex pairs and hundreds of CFDs on stocks, indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies as well as a powerful technological arsenal to capture all significant price movements across different markets and timeframes. VPS hosting is also a core element of this arsenal, ensuring maximum platform uptime. Here we shed some light on the importance of VPS hosting and how to use it.

Brief definition of VPS hosting
Simply put, a VPS – an acronym for Virtual Private Server – is a permanent link that connects an individual trading terminal to the wider trading network.

For example, when using MT5 on their home computer, traders are connected to the standard trading network where their orders are executed. Having an active VPS ensures a smooth connection. This is made possible thanks to the latest generation of Cloud hosting that brokers like AAAFx offer.

Deploying advanced VPS technology, AAAFx delivers the best trading experience to traders globally, by improving trade execution speed and increasing traders’ local network capacity as well as increasing stable strength of the connection, allowing them to make transactions faster.

As an exclusive service, the broker offers a completely free VPS service to all EU and global clients with deposits over $5,000 or equivalent in another major currency. Traders depositing less than $5,000 or equivalent can also access VPS for a modest $25 monthly fee, which will be automatically deducted from the account balance.

Advantages of using VPS with AAAFx
Designed to host an instance of the operating system, the VPS can be controlled remotely from any device located in its vicinity. Works almost like a web host, except for the ability to directly host a desktop while maintaining the ability to function as if it were running on its own server. As a result, Virtual Private Servers are practically SaaS solutions, each with specific CPU capacity and power to ensure users enjoy the speed and connectivity they need.

The benefits of using a VPS when dealing with AAAFx are many, including:

● Use trading robots, EAs and signals with confidence
● Ability to trade from anywhere in the world, regardless of local internet speed
● Anonymous privileges, enhanced privacy and security

To get the most out of a VPS trading with AAAFx, traders must first ensure their equipment meets the following characteristics:

● INTEL processor to ensure full compatibility
● 1300 MB RAM
● Bandwidth 25 GB
● Disk Space 2TB

How to use VPS with AAAFx

Using VPS with AAAFx is extremely simple. To start reaping the benefits of seamless trading, all you have to do is:

Connect to AAAFx VPS: If you are using a Windows VPS, the easiest and most direct way is to connect using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). RDP is a Microsoft system that gives you access to a built-in client that can communicate with your VPS. To launch it, open the Start menu, type “remote desktop” and open it
Enter your IP and login information in the specified space and click «Connect»
Install MT4 or MT5 on your Windows VPS

That’s it, you’re done! Are you ready to test drive the AAAFx VPS? Register now.

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